About Us

Who We Are

Robo Edutech India Pvt. Ltd. was started by a group of entrepreneurs with a sole mission of establishing a dedicated Research & Development Cell and bringing the findings to the benefit of budding Engineers. Little did they know that their efforts will bring an enormous change in the world of technology & training today in just two years of its existence, RoboEdutech has a pan India acclaim for its unmatched quality services.

Robo Edutech India Pvt. Ltd. is an initiative taken by the young engineers of our country with an aim to promote the Robotics and Embedded System. In today's scenario where every work is done automatically. Robo Edutech India Pvt. Ltd. is set up to provide the best learning in the field of robotics and Embedded System to the student who are studying engineering in various disciplines and to all those who want to make their career in the field of robotics, Embedded System and automation industry.

About Our Team

Robo Edutech India Pvt. Ltd. has a competent team of design engineers, robotics engineering experts and embedded systems engineers, who help provide customers with a comprehensive package of end-to-end services ranging from front-end consulting and planning to developing, integrating and managing technology solutions.